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Stop Living in a Dorm: How to Decorate Your Apartment Like a Betch

Romy Schneider in the studios of Coco Chanel in the 1960s.

Once you graduate college and enter the “real world” you sort of have to become a “real person.” So what does that fucking mean? That fucking means you have to start remembering your weekends, learn how to eat meals that you didn't order online or don't only require you to add boilng water, and actually make your apartment a home and not a place where ashes coat your coffee table and “art” isn't slung on your walls with double stick tape. We can help you achieve the former two another time, today we're going to give you tips on how to attain a super chic apartment. 

1. Create a color scheme by picking one item you abosultely have to have

The hardest part of decorating your place is finding a place to start.  find one item that you absolutely love, like can't NOT have in your place. It can be a lamp, a comforter, a pillow, a couch, a piece of art, whatevs. Then pick 2-3 colors and a couple materials that you love that match it with 1 of them being your bright accent color. For example the colors in my apartment are pink, navy, white, gold, mirror, and some black. This was really easy to do once I found my must have item, the Gem Lamp in pink

Take a look:


2. Find some #decorspo

Let Pinterest do its thing. I'm not a Pinterest person but I didn't have enough time in the day to meditate from the panic that ensued everytime my computer froze with all 763 tabs I had open on Chrome. So I created a board and pinned all the shit I liked / felt inspired by/ wanted to buy and it was the best move ever. It was like organizing my brain. Fucking zen. Collect ideas from the pics you like, and find them for cheaper. Like if you like pillows with little black spots google: throw pillow with little black spots. Adjust accordingly. It's not difficult once you get used to it and honestly, you've probably worked harder stalking guys on facebook. 

2. Mix and Match Patterns

Like coordinating your manicure to your shoes, being too matchy matchy is for nice girls.  The betch should be unique and mix up her patterns. We're not saying decorate your apartment like you're Miss Lippy, but creating a combination of shapes and lines between your throw pillows, rug, benches, art, etc, while also keeping a consistent sream of colors is one of the chicest strategies in betch-apartment-decor. 

Some Examples:


3. Table Top Accoutrement and other Tchotchkes 


This is my fav part of decorating because the smallest thing can turn your apt from an empty white box into the kind of shit you see in magazines. Get a cool vase with some prettay prettay flowers. Put some dishes and trays in arbitary places. Stack up books you'll never read. I have a set of oversized jacks chilling on my dresser and it looks really fucking cool. 

Love These: 




4. Art, Art, Art

The only requirement to being an art person is not being blind. Even posters can still be cute if you just frame them. You don't need to be moved by the artwork in your apartment, you just have to think it's like really pretty.



5. Remember: It's your apartment, make it yours

Unless you never have anyone over, which is like sad, you will be percieved by how you decorate your apartment because much like your wardrobe, your apartment is a reflection of who you are. That said, you're the one who has to live there so make sure that when you're creating your space you're doing it for yourself not for your friends. Like don't put your empty Loub boxes or Hermes bags on display. You may think you'll be seen as rich but instead people will think you're tacky and a label whore and will only come back to your place if you tend to provide vodka. Make it unique to you and for you. Remember, don't be a mess, be a chic betch. And if all else fails, you can always hire a decorator.