Stoner Series: Marijuana Could Stop the Spread of AIDS

Marijuana Could Cure Aids

A new study done on AIDS-infected monkeys shows signs that the disease could be cured by Saint Mary Jane herself. Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how stoned these researchers must have been when they were like “let’s get the monkeys high, dude!” Real talk, though, this highlights yet another crumb in the low-fat muffin of lies that we have been told about the “evil drug.” Obviously the old dudes in Congress are the evil ones. From now on, if you oppose Marijuana, you support monkey death. Read article >>

Increase in Stoned Colorado Dogs

This week, one veterinarian in the Let’s Blaze State said that he’s seen an increase of fucking freaked out dogs who have broken into their pothead owners’ edibles. Too High Canines (THC) can suffer seizures or even a coma after eating just one pot cookie. Just goes to show you, it’s never worth it to cheat on doggy Atkins. Ever. Read article >>

Alaska to Vote on Recreational Pot

Could the coldest state become the coolest state? America’s weird distant stepbrother is set to put recreational pot to a public vote. We never thought about it before, but Alaska could be betchy. The sun never sets in the summer, so you don’t have to take your sunglasses off even when you go to bed. What’s a better way to tell the world you don’t even give a fuck when you're sleeping? Read article >>


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