Stoner Betches, There’s a New Facebook Just For You

There's this new app called MassRoots, which is calling itself “Facebook for Stoners.” K. The idea is that you can post pictures of you smoking, connect with dispensaries, and message people. Apparently people don't want to do that on Facebook because non-pot smokers are on Facebook, like family members. Tbh if you're willing to download a social media app just for smokers, your family probs knows that you smoke weed.

The reason that anybody gives a single fuck about this dumb idea is because it's going to be publicly traded this week, meaning that investors think that more than 27 people are going to use a separate social media account to post the occasional smoke ring selfie. Who thinks that this could possibly be a good idea? I want names.

People are low-key losing their shit because it's the beginning of the “weed economy” where new businesses are developing in response to legalized weed. I don't care until I can buy edibles in candy stores.




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