Steve Madden Is Having A 40% Off Sale & You Have To Buy These Shoes

Guys, I’m about to make your bank account (or your dad’s, whatever) hate me even more than it already does. Steve Madden is having an insane fucking sale. If you don’t already dream of owning every single pair of boots, you’ll for sure be adding them to your cart by the time you’re done reading this paragraph. I know, I’m a good fucking person. From now through Friday (yes, as in tomorrow), take an extra 40 percent off of already reduced Steve Madden women’s boots. And like, okay, wait—It gets better. When you buy with Spring (side note: they also have a free app), you get free shipping, free returns, ~and~ cash back. A little louder for the people in the back, please. All bullshit aside, here are 6 pairs from the Steve Madden sale to get you started.

1. WAGNER By Steve Madden

If you don’t own a pair of little black boots, I’m just going to assume you live in the middle of Nowheresville. With sock booties being all the rage this fall, the Wagner style comes in pretty damn close with its stiletto heel, pointed toe, and patent surface. Pair with your most fave jeans for an outfit that looks like it cost you a lot more effort than it actually did.

2. NAOMI By Steve Madden

Just because everything looks better in black doesn’t mean we should ignore the like, 10 million other colors that exist. Like, taupe is the classier, hotter version of boring-ass brown. Featuring trendy dipped sides that you can pair with sexy socks (fishnets, anyone?), this all-suede block heel comes with a heel that’s slightly under 4 inches, so you can walk miles without bitching the entire time.

3. RADLEY By Steve Madden

Despite what you think, punk-glam is totally a thing and yes, it’s doable so long as you don’t turn it into 2002 Avril Lavigne. The studded style is basically your average black bootie that you probs wear with every single one of your outfits, but like, edgier and definitely ready to take more tequila shots. And since you’ll be buying it during the Steve Madden sale, you won’t even feel bad that these are not like, the most practical.

4. AMY By Steve Madden

It’s cuter than your basic bitch riding boot, but still versatile enough to match with comfy leggings or fitted jeans. You’ll def enjoy taking turns with the chestnut brown, so you don’t become a shoe repeater—which may or may not be worse than an outfit repeater.

5. TORRENT By Steve Madden

In case you live under a rock or refuse to get cable at this point because you’re just stubborn (and cheap) AF (hello, it’s me), we’ve been getting swamped with hella snowstorms that are neither cute nor fun. It doesn’t help that they fuck up our favorite shoes and hair. YOU CAN’T GET BOTH, MOTHER NATURE. Use the Steve Madden sale to avail yourself of cute snow boots you actually like, aka these chic fleece-lined rubber boots.

6. NIELA By Steve Madden

Everyone needs at least one pair of OTK boots and make them black, fucking duh. They make your legs look like, 5 miles long, your entire frame look thinner, and you appear taller without making your feet cry out in pain. Plus they’re worth a shit ton of likes so you can literally wear them on the walk of shame with sweatpants and still get compliments.

Images: Kaci Baum / Unsplash; Spring (6)

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