Stephen Curry’s Daughter Riley Is All Of Us At A Basketball Game

The NBA basketball finals are in full swing right now, so you've probs been spending a lot of time in bars getting hit on during commercial breaks. Stephen Curry, point guard for the Warriors (blah blah blah), brought his 2 year old daughter Riley to his post game interview, because his babysitter was at prom.

First of all, Riley is already rocking a headband and magenta nail polish so she's going to be the queen of middle school. She wore an olive green shift dress that puts Chris Brown's daughter's outfits to shame. Riley DGAF that her dad is a famous basketball player trying to discuss his latest game, she was not about it at all. Much like when a betch attends a basketball related event, Riley made the evening about her. Riley Curry is all of us at basketball games.

When you see a group of girls you haven't hung out with in a while and start making vacation plans you'll never keep:

When someone tells you that you need to stop drinking and go home.
When you realize that drinking every time someone made a basket wasn't the best idea for a drinking game because now you're 3 seconds away from blackout.

#RileyCurry ��❤️

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When someone is telling you about their new idea for a startup:

#StephenCurry and his daughter #RileyCurry isn't she adorable �� #NBAPlayoffs

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