Staying Hot in the Cold: Winter Wear & Accessories You Need Right Now

Leaving the house in the winter is like texting your ex-boyfriend, the experience is almost always going to be frigid and terrible, and it’s best to have a backup way to stay warm before embarking on this adventure. Plus, why would you even do it when you have a Netflix queue filled to the brim with episodes of Friends that need to be rewatched. However, if you must go out into the cold, you’re still a betch, and that means there’s no excuse not to be chic. Luckily, there’s plenty of winter trends that have your backs, and legs, and torso, and hands, and heads covered.


The Cape/Poncho/Blanket Coat

Bless whoever decided that this was the year we were really going to go full out on what is essentially just a really fashionable blanket. A cape coat is perfect because you no longer have to worry about getting blacked out in the winter. Even if you stumble home and pass out on the floor it’s like someone came and tucked you in. It’s you, you magnificent betch, you tucked yourself in by donning this fashionable blanket. That’s girl power right there.

Get this look:


Or similar styles at Revolve and Revolve

The Winter White + Nude Neutral Coat aka Kim K Nudes

Last year was all about sleek, minimalist fashion, and that trend is showing no signs of slowing down as we head into 2014 2015. Especially with Kim K leading the charge with her all natural look that we have her hubby to thank for. Nude and white are totally in right now and you’ll look like Elsa from Frozen as the snow falls and you’re just a princess standing in front of a boy telling him to let it go.

Get this look:


Nasty Gal

The Color Coat

(Pink, lilac, mint)

If you feel like white or nude is a little too basic for you, and are looking for a full-color coat, I really can’t advise doing any more than cool, pastel-colored outerwear. You’ll look like a delectable winter treat, and with summer right around the corner, these coats are really the closest thing to frozen yogurt you should be lusting over.

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The Bold Coat

There’s plenty of options too for those of you that don’t plan to blend into the snow or the crowd. Nothing screams betch more than a cheetah pattern coat emerging from a blizzard. And TFG shearling is coming back in style, finally giving betches everywhere an excuse to wrap our entire bodies in fur in the name of fashion. Just make sure to phone PETA and tell them my mink is dragging on the floor.

Get this look: Nasty gal cheetah, fur, sherling


Leggings are a staple in any betch’s closet, but this winter you can spice up your drawer of just 1,000 black leggings labeled ‘everyday’ and wear leggings that may serve all types of different purposes. There’s the fur-lined leggings, which, like, need we say more? There’s knee high socks that show more skin and even shiny, textured tights for a night out.

Get this Look:

Classic Black leggings: J. Crew
Shiny Tights: Topshop
Thigh High: Shopbop
Patterned Tights: Scoop


New fashion, and really life, rule if Olivia Pope does it, you should be doing it, too. I mean, she’s a fictional character that had a clothing line, that has to count for something, right?? The best look to steal from the notorious president-fucker is the classy, but kinda sexy gloves she’s always wearing. I mean, if you’re planning on drinking a large glass of red wine this winter—all of you should be raising your hands—you’re gonna want a gloved hand to hold it with. If not, at least get these life-saving gloves that allow you to operate your iPhone without getting frostbite on your hands. The ‘Gram waits for no one.

Get this Look:

Olvia Pope  Barneys

Designer Gloves Nordstrom Burberry // Nordstrom Missoni

Iphone Tech Gloves Nordstrom Touch Colorblock // Nordstrom tech


Here at Betches, we know you aren’t just a hot body… you have a beautiful face that needs to be kept warm as well. This winter there’s plenty of options in the form of beanies, and fur earmuffs printed in your animal skin pattern of choice.

Also, wearing colorful sunglasses in the winter is like admitting to the world you’re blind. It’s freezing, it’s dark, and it’s damp. No one wants to see you emerge from the cold wearing a neon pair of sunglasses you got for free at some beach party. Black sunglasses protect you from the harsh rays bouncing off the sheets of snow on the ground and tell the world these black glasses match my soul.

Get This Look:

Leapord Sherling Earmuffs: Bergdorfs

Fur Earmuffs: Revolve

Shop Betches beanie: Can You Not? // Full of Secrets

Sunglasses Nordstrom: Black Ray Bans // Wildfox glasses


The last piece to top it all off is a nice red lip. Very ice princess meets stone cold betch.

Get this Look:


Rihanna via la glam red lipstick

Red matte NARS

Nordstrom Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown Creme matte in red carpet

Congratulations, you are now ready to head out into the world like my winter style icon, Cruella de Vil.


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