Guess Which Delusional 'Clueless' Star Is Running For Congress As A Republican

A celebrity running for Congress? As if! Just kidding of course. That is the modern hell we live in and to bring us to a deeper level of it, Stacey Dash has thrown her fashion-forward Beverly Hills hat in the ring. The former Clueless star who took a disappointing turn from fierce to Fox News correspondent, has filed papers to run for Congress in California’s 44th district. The district, by the way voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton so, uhm  good luck Stace! 

For those of you who’ve been too busy living your life to follow the has-been actress, Stacey Dash has been on the wrong side of many issues for awhile now. She’s been vocal about disbanding Black History Month and has said that transgender rights infringe upon her own.  These banner opinions got her a gig as a Fox News personality, but even they didn’t keep her around for very long. Her contract wasn’t renewed. Sad!

In a pathetic attempt to remain relevant, she’s now running for Congress. She’s also claims that lots of people on and off line are telling her to. In all likelihood, they’re probably just like, “please keep busy doing something that isn’t just talking to be all the time.” Though she has yet to make an official statement about her candidacy, she did tweet about her interest to run earlier in the year with a way-tacky button.

C’mon, Stacey, this would clash with any outfit. You should know this. Being a bigot is a bad look. And Stacey, if you’re reading this I only have one thing to say. You’re a virgin who can’t win the 44th district.