St. Patrick's Day Fashion Tips To Avoid Being The Ultimate Try-Hard

I love St. Patrick’s Day as much as I love any occasion for a blackout beginning at 10am sharp. But I can’t say I love the accessory game associated with the Irish Car Bomb fest (Note: avoid actually ordering that drink in Dublin, but that’s a story for another day). And if you’re anything like me, the only time you sport a kelly green hue is mid vom-sesh. As with most holidays, there’s always some Try-Hard at the bar taking up a shitload of space with her (because let’s be real—this is usually a “her”) head-to-toe cardboard shamrock costume and screaming about how it took three days to make. Like Cady Heron on Halloween, these people totally miss the point of the holiday, which is to wear one vaguely green item of clothing or accessory and get drunk. On the other end of the spectrum are the duds who couldn’t even be bothered to put like, a green bracelet or do some cute green eye makeup or anything. They’ll tell anyone who will listen about how they “totally forgot” it was St. Patrick’s day and how they don’t own anything green, and you’ll be like “please stop talking to me while I’m trying to concentrate on drinking.” If you want to figure out how to strike the perfect balance between looking crazy and looking lame AF, here are a few ways to look like you GAF about St. Patrick’s Day without like actually expend any effort.  

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1. The Baseball Cap

Nordstrom Baseball Cap

This olive baseball hat just barely incorporates green—big W on our front. Baseball caps let guys think you’re not the type to stalk all their exes on social media and the type to genuinely enjoy the taste of beer. Even bigger W. Pair this hat with all black because we know you don’t actually give one fuck about dressing to theme. That was so freshman year. Don’t even consider swapping this hat out for one in the shape of a pint. No beer hats. No beer glasses. No beer anything. Ever. No. Thank you.

2. The Bomber Jacket

Nordstrom Bomber Jacket

Everyone panic—blizzards are back. And just when I thought Mother Nature had an ounce of chill, she screwed us over faster than me putting my Coachella ticket up for sale after hearing Beyoncé wasn’t headlining anymore. For when your liquor blanket just isn’t cutting it, throw on a green bomber jacket. They’re cute and let people know you didn’t actually buy something just for St. Patrick’s Day because, you know, you have a life and shit.

3. Adidas Sneakers

Adidas Sneakers

I have a love/hate with this trend. Still trying to figure out why gym shoes shook the world overnight, but until then I’ll keep being basic and wear the subtle hint of green. Odds are you bought your pair in Europe, considering Adidas to Europeans is like America’s disregard to our recommended levels of daily sugar intake. Minus points if you pair the shoes with the Guinness T-shirt you also purchased traveling. We get it… you studied abroad…

4. Cropped Sleeve Shirt

Cropped Sleeve Shirt

This simple T-shirt keeps with the casual theme—have you ever seen an Irish person in anything dressier than their nicest pair of jeans?? Didn’t think so. And the green sleeves are a perfect cop-out to shirts that read “Kiss Me I’m Drunk.” Avoid said tragedies like you avoid the Stage 5 who bought you two vodka sodas last night at the bar.

5. Kale Shirt

Inhale Exkale

If all else fails, remind everyone you like to eat green, not wear it.