Sriracha Is Not Healthy, So We’re All Fucked

Sriracha is just a go-to condiment for betches. It’s not as fattening as ketchup, not as boring as lemon juice, and it’s spicy enough to make your bland AF salad taste like something that might actually fill you up. But just when we thought we were totally in the clear on sriracha, some genius study came out and told us that Sriracha is loaded with sugar. Greaaaat.

It turns out if you actually take a closer look at the nutrition label, sriracha is basically all chili, sugar, and salt. Not exactly a superfood combo. The nutrition facts also only call for one teaspoon, and let’s be real, NO ONE is sticking with that measurement.


So look, sriracha isn’t like, the worst thing for you, but it’s good to know that it’s not the best either. It can’t hurt to read the nutrition facts once in a while, but like, sometimes you’re better off just not knowing. I mean, what you don’t know can’t hurt you, right??



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