The Prettiest Spring Makeup Trends You Have To Try

It’s almost spring bitches, so you need to prepare what to put in your beauty arsenal now. Put away those winter dark tones and icy highlighters, I’m here to tell you what the hottest spring makeup trends will be. Some of these are heinous and need to be avoided like a guy who sends “good morning beautiful” texts, some are actually like, really pretty and you should attempt them if you are a skilled professional. Regardless of which spring makeup trends you decide to attempt, these all mean one thing: you have to buy new makeup. You’re welcome.

Spring Makeup Trends To Try

1. Colored Highlighter

Highlighter has been an essential for a few years now, but this spring is all about adding a pop of color to your highlight. All over the runway, models have been wearing both warm and cool toned highlights, with gold being the most popular. Color coordinate your highlighter to the rest of your ~look~ and bring your selfies to the next level.

What to get: Becca Ocean Jewels Highlighter Palette
Becca Ocean Jewels Highlighter Palette

How to use: Apply your highlight to your cheekbones, eyebrow bone, nose, above your top lip, chin, and inner eyes.

2. Super Short Hair or Super Long Hair

Spring runways showed two basic hairstyles: extremely short and chopped, and long, wild, 90’s hair. If you’re into extremes, go hack your shit off and be super fashion forward. Otherwise, start taking your fish oil pills and gummy vitamins to grow out your mane, which you then need to part down the middle and leave half-styled and greasy. Or there are always extensions.

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3. Cat Eye

Cat eyes are always in style, but this spring is taking it to another level. The cat eyes of today are super graphic, so don’t worry if you have no coordination with your liquid eyeliner. The rule here is the thicker the better, so go ahead and mess up and go over it 100x until your eye skin is raw.

What to get: STILA Stay All Day® Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

This is the best, blackest, and longest lasting eyeliner ever.

How to use: Perfect your cat eye by lining your top lash line first. Then, start your wing following the same angle as your BOTTOM lash line. This keeps you from accidentally dipping down and giving you sad basset hound eyes. The wing should go about as wide as the end of your eyebrow. Then just connect in between both lines. Thicken it as needed and line the bottom if you want to be extra bold.

4. Geranium Lip

Red lips are a fashion staple, but this year, for a more orange-red. The exact shade is geranium and it’s a universally flattering shade, as well as one of the hottest spring makeup trends. It’s brighter and more cheerful than your winter plum reds, so it’ll brighten up your sad, hungover face.

What to get: Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick in Thrill Seeker

Spring Makeup Trends To Avoid

1. Frosted Blue Eyeshadow

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This was suuuuuper fashion forward in 7th grade, and it needs to stay there. Unless you are a stripper, there is no excuse for wearing this shit.

2. White Eyeliner

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Why? Why is this a thing? You can use white eyeliner to line the inner corner of your eyes or your waterline, but otherwise, this should be stopped.

3. Too Graphic Eyeliner

Unless you are Lady Gaga, stick to the cat eye (see above) and let sad makeup die.