Spring Break Essentials That Are Currently On Sale

From one professional spring break yo-yo dieter to another, if you haven’t started your intense workout regimen (aka 40 min on the treadmill while texting), then it’s time to get on it. Remember, unlike January which DRAGGED, February is a short month. Meaning, March is going to be here before you know it, which means spring break trips are just around the corner. So besides just prepping your bod for your getaway, it’s time to start thinking about prepping your wardrobe as well. Like, I know you’re not drunk-eating celery just to wear your dumpy-ass summer clothes from last year, are you??? I sure as hell hope not. I know you’re a smart girl. Which means I also know that you’re currently trying to save for your spring break vacay, or are currently paying off your credit card charge for that expensive plane ticket. So I’ve taken the liberty of finding you guys some essential spring break clothes that are all currently on sale. Uhhh, you’re sooo welc.

1. Brixton Bondi Palm Visor ($56.82, $28.43)

I know you’re not upping your spring break clothes and current workout routine JUST to like, look good for you, or anything. Nah, you do it for the ‘gram!!  And this visor is the epitome of Instagram perfection. Oh, and it will also help protect your delicate young skin from the sun, so that’s cool too! It’s on sale of course, so get it while you still can.

2. BEACH RIOT x Revolve Devin Bikini Top and Bottom ($171, $74)

Rainbow stripes are v v v trendy right now. And if you don’t believe me, visit your favorite Intsa blogger’s account right now and I guarantee there will be some variation of the trend on her grid. Not only is this bikini super adorable, it’s insanely on sale. Plus, it’s part of an exclusive collab with Revolve and Beach Riot, so, primarily for all my spring break college betches, you don’t have to worry about your ex’s new gf showing up on the beach in the same suit. She probs doesn’t have good enough taste to order this one anyway, just saying.

3. Tom Petty Boyfriend Tee ($78, $49.95)

An oversize graphic tee may not be the first thing you think of to add to your spring break arsenal, but hear me out. It’s easily the most versatile piece you can pack because it can be worn sooo many different ways. To start, you can wear it on the plane with a pair of cute joggers and oversized sunnies, and you’ll give a total undercover celeb vibe. Well, until you walk past first class to your middle seat in coach, of course. You can also wear it casually during the day with a cute pair of distressed denim shorts and stylish sandals or sneakers. Another way to wear it is as an effortlessly cool cover-up for the beach. And lastly, you could even wear it out to “da club” paired with a leather skirt and heels. Just… don’t end up making it the legit only shirt you wear all spring break, lol.

4. Lovers + Friends Jack High Short ($138, $83)

Speaking of distressed denim shorts, these ones are the ideal pair to wear all vacation long. They too can be worn during the day, as a cover-up, or even out at night. Not to mention, they’re the perfect shade of denim to match whatever top (or even bikini top) you want to pair them with. There’s currently almost a full size-run available, but if you’re all as smart as I think you are, I know they won’t be there for long.

5. Urban Outfitters Oval Metal Sunglasses ($16, $10)

Sunnies are an essential spring break wardrobe piece—you all know that already. But a spring break trip isn’t the time to bring your best Gucci sunglasses that legit cost you half your paycheck. Spring break is for getting drunk, and getting drunk and designer sunglasses simply don’t mix. Trust me, I’ve lost three pairs of Ray-Bans amidst day drinking festivities (RIP). And yes, it still pains me to think of all those sunglasses lost, and the lucky bitches who found them. UGH! Anyway, avoid the self-loathing of losing expensive sunnies and get a cheaper pair that won’t ruin the rest of your trip when you do inevitably lose them. You don’t need another reason to go into an even deeper tequila-induced spiral.

6. Cleobella Swindel Tote ($218, $109)

This amazing tote bag is going to be your new vacation bff. Not only does it work as a beach bag, it can also work as your carry-on bag for the plane! The crochet fabric gives it getaway vibes, but unlike most crochet bags that are white, this one is black, so you don’t have to worry about it looking gross the second it leaves your house. It’s legit the cutest bag EVER, and is conveniently half off! BRB, I’m buying five.

7. All My Love Wrap Slip ($68, $49.95)

This is the perfect little dress to pack in your new crochet bag (see above) for all your spring break activities. Like, sooo many activities!! Wear it during the day with a pair of sandals or cute sneakers, or throw it on for dinner with a pair of heels or wedges. It also comes in a variety of prints and colors, so maybe get yourself a few and you’ll have all your vacation outfits covered. I mean, it is on sale, so why not, right???

Like I’ve emphasized, all of these spring break clothes are on sale, so don’t wait until the last minute or your size will def be gone. Beyond these essentials, don’t forget to pack sunscreen and hangover patches. Both are going to be necessary, and honestly, I don’t know which you’ll realistically need more. Just be prepared.

Images: @laurenboww / Unsplash; Princess Polly; Revolve (2); Free People (2); Urban Outfitters; Shopbop

Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick
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