Sports Illustrated Models Refused To Talk Shit About Leo DiCaprio

Cosmo asked the Sports Illustrated models about Leonardo Dicaprio, but it turns out the first rule of Model Club is that you don't talk about Leo. Basically all the SI models see him at parties, but don't speak to him unless spoken to first. Seriously it was like they had a meeting and decided nobody would talk shit! None of them wanted to talk about his reputation in the modeling world – aka nobody wanted to say which of their friends were in Leo's brothel.

I'm imagining the first frat party your group of freshmen friends goes to – where nobody is really sure how to get alcohol or which SABs to talk to. Except the freshmen biddies are millionaire models and the frat bros are just Leo.

Cosmo failed to ask the real question tho – why the fuck do these gorgeous, rich, successful women want to fuck a middle aged actor who's never won an Oscar?? Seems like they missed a great opportunity to use “Titanic” as an imagery device.


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