Split Is Uber’s Newest Competitor

We all love #210 Uber, so much that we can barely remember the dark ages before it existed. But the one shitty thing about Uber is that it can get pricy pretty quickly. If you’re trying to take it multiple times in one night, or God forbid there’s surge pricing on, you soon start to wonder if it would really be that bad of an idea to call that shady bro and ask him to pick you up. Ladies, don’t do it.

There’s a new app called Split with rides starting at just $2, as opposed to Uber’s $5 minimum. The one catch is that Split allows the driver to pick up multiple people going in the same direction. This means that Split is probably a great idea if you and three friends are going somewhere, but you probably shouldn’t do it alone unless you feel like making some rando friends. Unfortunately, Split is only available in Washington D.C. right now, but if it does well we’ll probably see it in other big cities soon.


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