Soy Sauce Helps Treat HIV and Other Health News

The Black Death might have made Europe healthier

Let’s take a minute to talk about the Black Death (please note: I mean “Black Death” as in the bubonic plague…not the emo band that used to play at your high school). As you may know, the Black Death killed like, A LOT of people throughout Europe during the mid 1300s. Research now suggests that this plague, despite being a real pain in the ass, might have actually helped create an overall healthier breed of Europeans. This is because, as Dr. Sharon Dewitt put it, “The black death might have represented a strong force of natural selection and removed the weakest individuals on a very broad scale.” With that said, the Black Death did not, for some reason, create a breed of Europeans capable of serving coca-light with ice, but at least they won’t be dying off from a plague any time soon. Read article >>

Coca-Cola says they will stop using flame retardant in their drinks

Speaking of coke, this is comforting. Apparently, Coca Cola has been using BVO, or Brominated vegetable oil (sounds so healthy and natural!), to help stabilize the flavor in drinks like Fanta and Fresca. BVO is also commonly used as a flame retardant in plastic, furniture, and children’s clothing and has been linked to both memory loss and nerve problems. Because of a petition started by a Mississippi teenager, Coca Cola has now promised to stop using BVO in all of their beverages by the end of the year. So, if you were stupid enough to believe all of the ingredients in your beverages were harmless and natural, they’re like, not. Also, I would bet good money that this petition is going to be THE thing that gets that Mississippi teen into college. That admissions essay practically writes itself. Read article >>

The Secret to treating HIV? Soy Sauce

One of the biggest problems when treating HIV patients is that, over time, patients often become resistant to some of the anti-AIDS medications. To treat this issue, researchers are trying to come up with more potent medications and may have found the answer in an unlikely place. Apparently, back in 2001, a Japanese soy sauce company accidently discovered the molecule “EFda” when trying to enhance the flavor of their product. This molecule might now be able help researchers develop a drug that is more potent than the drug Tenofovir, which is currently used to fight infection in HIV patients. Basically, Asians are so smart that even their soy sauce guys help develop life saving drug treatments. Also, I have the strangest craving for sushi right now… Read article >>


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