Sooo Paris Hilton Made A Song About Kim Kardashian’s Ass

2006 was a simpler time. Justin Timberlake was bringing sexy back, Kate Bosworth was relevant and dating Orlando Bloom, and Kim Kardashian was Paris Hilton’s assistant. In addition to working for Paris, Kim was also her friend. That friendship had a bit of a rocky history, with Paris saying that Kim’s ass looked like “cottage cheese in a garbage bag” back in 2008. Harsh, if not true. But lately, probably because Kim is 60 billion times more famous than Paris now, the ladies have started to rekindle their friendship. Paris has been at Kim’s parties, and now, the two have teamed up for the music video for “Best Friend’s Ass”, a new song by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Paris Hilton. Wait a second… is this song a direct response to Paris’s famed ass comments of 2008? Whoa.

In any case, the video for “Best Friend’s Ass” dropped today, and it’s actually really good. Unlike most music videos these days that just show, like, people twerking, this video is a satiric look on today’s VIP clubbing and social media life. It was written by Dimitri Vegas himself and features a star-studded cast, with cameos from Youtubers Nikita Dragun & Juanpa Zurita, a host of previous Ru-Paul contestants including Derrick Barry and Nebraska, singer-songwriter Chester Lockhart, and a bunch of others. We spoke with Dimitri and Mike about the video, what it was like working with Paris and Kim, and more. Read below and check out the video!

Betches: Who came up with the concept for the video?

Like Mike: Dimitri wrote the first treatment and we worked on it from there. Us and Paris had been talking about doing a record for a while but we wanted to do something that would blow the fans mind. It needed to be big and out of the box and I think this definitely checks all the boxes.

What message does it send?

Dimitri Vegas: It’s a satiric look on VIP Clubbing and everything that comes with that, Fake Instagram models, likes and followers.

What was it like working with Paris & Kim?

M: Good fun!

D: yeah, they’re both hard working so it was serious business for all of us whilst on set for the video, because everyone’s time is so limited but at the same time they’re relaxed, and easy to work with. It was a lot of fun doing the music video with them and the rest of the cast!

Do you think the rise of VR is beneficial or harmful to society as a whole?

 D: I’m personally not super into VR even though think it is going to play a huge part in our lives in the future. I’m excited to see what it takes us in the world of gaming, films and music too. I personally feel AR will be the thing that takes the lead eventually… or we go full on ‘Ready Player One’ who knows lol

What’s the most misleading thing you see on social media?

M: fake people. Trying to be someone you’re not. That’s more damaging than virtual reality. That’s also what the video is about.

Who has the better ass, Dimitri or Like Mike? 

Mike: Me!

D: Nah, I do! LOL

Watch the video for “Best Friend’s Ass” below.


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