Someone Stole a Naked Video of Kris Jenner

In today's Kardashian/Jenner news, apparently someone stole a surveillance video from Kris Jenner's house in which she appears completely nude. Some guy hacked into her iCloud, which is scary as fuck because I have literally no clue how iCloud works. He's trying to get money from her for the video, even though I'm not sure who would actually want to see Kris Jenner naked. 

Whatever happens with the video, I'm sure there will be at least two episodes about it on the new season of Keeping Up. Rumor is Kris actually has a fucking family meeting to tell everyone about the video, which really seems like overkill. Like I'm pretty sure Rob doesn't care enough about this to take a break from designing socks and eating Doritos. Without Bruce around, I guess Kris needs to up her security game.


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