Somebody Pulled Kylie Jenner’s Wig At a Chris Brown Concert

So Kylie Jenner's weird hair obsession reached new heights last week when she got a Tinkerbell-esque wig. Seriously, homegirl has more weaves than a drag queen, and this pastel lime green was too much even for Ru Paul. Anyway, she was going to a Chris Brown concert this weekend, to which you may ask why the fuck did she do that? Simple answer: it was Chris Brown feat: Tyga. Ah young love.

While she was walking into the concert with her small army of body guards, it's like she's traveling with the fucking nuclear codes, somebody ~ snatched her weave. Some rando in the crowd pulled her wig, which tbh we've all been praying somebody would do. But props to her glam squad (vom) because her weave stayed perfectly in place.

Honestly, Kylie just went there to have a good time and she is feeling so attacked right now.




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