Some Restaurant in North Carolina Got a 2 Year-Old Drunk

Some waitress got a 2 year old girl drunk at a restaurant in North Carolina, because she confused cranberry juice and sangria. So, basically get your ass to this restaurant because they don't card and the alcohol costs as much as a cup of juice.

This dumb waitress seriously didn't know the difference between juice and a drink with 17% alcohol content, but also the parents didn't fucking notice either. Like they didn't start paying attention to their drunk toddler until she started puking, kind of like your friends who try to put you on the couch until the party ends. Homegirl got sloppy drunk: she could barely walk, she was kissing everything (story true: she made out with the table, don't pretend you haven't seen a biddy try it), and finally threw up into her french fries – same.

The restaurant paid for the family's dinner and apologized a bunch, but the whole thing seems like a win-win for the toddler. Sure she might be on her way to alcoholism at 5 years old, but at least she got free drinks and dinner – goals.




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