STOP EVERYTHING: There Is A Keurig For Cocktails

The next thing you absolutely must have in your kitchen has arrived, and it’s called Somabar. This “Robotic Bar Tender” (omg the future is now) can whip up and spit out a cocktail within 5 seconds, a feat which is equal parts awesome and dangerous, depending on your current lifestyle.


Q: can the Somabar provide drinks for my party sized pregame?
A: Hell fucking yeah!

The Somabar is capable of mixing more than 300 different beverages to satisfy all your friends from snooty (“I’d like an Appletini please”) to trashy (“VODKA SODA HOLD THE SODA!!!!”) and you won’t have to spend all night fixing the drinks yourself.

This revolution in party technology is available for pre-order now for release sometime TBD—hopefully in time for your killer New Year’s party.


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