Solange Knowles Got Married This Weekend And Looked Like, Really Good

Solange Knowles – Beyonce's sister – took time out of her busy schedule of living in her sister's shadow to get married this weekend. Besides choosing to wear a cream dress and have the rest of the wedding party wear white – it just makes you look yellow and dirty – homegirl looked gorgeous as fuck. Tina Knowles pulled a Pippa Middleton and almost upstaged her daughter. Tbh, she's pulling for MILF of the year award. Solange tried to be super artsy and staged a female only family photo with her in a white, caped dress – Blue Ivy was noticeably absent. Maybe Jay-Z was afraid Solange would try to drop kick his child.

The wedding was held in New Orleans and may have been the first time, since like 2002, where Beyonce was not the center of attention. The newest member to the Knowles family of power directs music videos, which is convenient because now, between the 6 adult members of the family, they can write, sing, produce, direct, and market any song. That's like monopoly power on the music industry. Just for comparison, let's all remember how fucking ratchet her first wedding was. She was 17, trying to grow out her side bangs, and ruining any chance of being the favorite child.

I hope Beyonce sang at the ceremony, as a subtle reminder that she thinks she's God's gift to Earth.



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