It's Your Parents' Fault You're Addicted To Instagram, Says Science

Next time your dad calls you out for scrolling through Instagram at the dinner table (rude), politely but firmly tell him to fuck off, because your Insta addiction is all his fault. Or your mom’s. Either way, don’t forget the part about fucking off.

You're Tacky And I Hate You

This super useful intel comes from Actual Science™. In a study published in PLOS ONE, scientists at King’s College London analyzed the way a bunch of twins used social media. The catch is that some were identical twins, aka creepy clones who share 100 percent of their genes, and others were non-identical twins, who just share 50 percent. Still creepy though.

Bachelor Twins

When researchers compared identical and non-identical twins, environment obviously played a huge role, accounting for two thirds of the differences between people. Like, if one sibling was the clear favorite and had a phone when the other was stuck playing outside and shit, the one with the phone is going to go online more often. But heritability was also a pretty big factor—according to the study, it accounted for almost a quarter of differences in social networking use. Basically, you can blame your obsession with all things social media on your parents first and narcissism second.


Take that, baby boomers.