5 Snow Boots You Won't Be Embarrassed To Wear Out

Winter is a hard time for all of us. Some of us just accept that we will gain an extra five pounds, others accept Netflix as their only interaction for the next three months, and all of us prepare to take fashion risks just so we can stay warm, but also look cute. What? Like, it’s hard. With puffy bombers, tacky hats, and fugly snow boots, what won’t ruin a day’s worth of trying to look good for the rest of society? Snow boots, for one, are kind of a fashion risk we can’t avoid, simply because we just need them in our lives at one point or another. Most are seriously atrocious, I get it, but since we eventually need to own a pair, here are five pairs of cute snow boots someone will actually compliment you for. Just when you thought the impossible couldn’t be done.

1. Hunter Original Refined Back Strap Rain Boot

Honestly, you probably already have a pair and if you don’t, well, you’re about to. Hunter is the basic bitch of all winter boots, coming in a close second after Uggs. However, unlike Uggs, there’s actually a good reason for why we love them so much. They’re honestly not bad looking, they’re pretty comfortable, and they actually do what they’re intended to do: block out the slush without soaking our socks.

Hunter Original Refined Back Strap Rain Boot

2. The North Face Women’s Shellista Waterproof Mid Cold Weather Boots

Okay, so, we can’t have it all. These may not be the cutest effing boots you have ever seen, but they aren’t too harsh on the eyes either. Despite looking like they’re ready to climb Mount Everest, they’re a pretty decent addition to a cute outfit if you’ve been hit with a shit ton of snow. They’re 100 percent waterproof leather and designed to tough out the coldest of temps.

North Face Women's Shellista Waterproof Mid Cold Weather Boots

3. Sorel Caribou Slim Boots

Everything looks better in black. It’s like, a fucking fact at this point. Made for harsh winters and probably life-threatening snowstorms, these black mid-calf boots make it possible to trudge through snow without ruining a v chic outfit.

Sorel Caribou Slim Boots

4. La Canadienne Polly Waterproof Knee High Boot

Finally, a suede knee-high boot you can wear in shitty weather without fucking them up. My prayers have literally been answered. These super chic boots can be worn in any weather and will withstand mud, rain, snow, and slush without ever receiving the slightest scuff. They keep your toes dry, comfy, and sweat-free (it happens to the best of us) since these come with an interior “antibacterial treatment.” I’ll take two, thanks.

La Canadienne Polly Waterproof Knee High Boot

5. Sperry Saltwater Sparkle Rubber Boots

If you’re going to wear white this season, let it be your boots. Both fashionable and highly functional, these are waterproof rubber boots with gold accents that just look like a trendy pair of white Timberlands, but like, better. 

Sperry Saltwater Sparkle Rubber Boots