SNL Made A Video About How To Become A Betch

Saturday Night Live made a really important video about the transition from nice girl to betch. This is landmark television because it's really a how to guide for nice girls stuck being the back burner betch that says “whatever you want to do” on a Friday night or “wherever you want to go” when deciding on dinner plans. Here are the most important scenarios SNL gave:

1. When that guy you friendzoned months ago hasn't taken the hint
2. When you'd rather eat dog food than go to your co-workers shitty party
3. When your frenemy refuses to pay her share of dinner
4. When you're on your period and desperately need to eat the full cookie
5. When you DGAF about keeping up with the news

So send this video to that nice girl taking notes in class or cleaning the kitchen in the office, and tell her to grow a spine.



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