Snapchat Wants You To Stop Sending Guys Pictures of Your Boobs

Snapchat is trying to steer clear of its sexting reputation by rebranding itself as a family friendly picture sharing app. The founder, Evan Spiegel said he's trying to expand the 13-33 audience by broadening the app so awesome people like his mom, who he was just snapping with this morning, can use it. That's exactly the right way to grow the coolness factor of your app, Evan. I can't wait for my elderly relatives to download the app so that my grandma can snapchat me a picture of her arthritis meds and my mom can take a pic of the bong I forgot to remove from the backyard.

And seriously? My mom saves every participation medal and drawing I've done since the third grade. I'm sure she's going to want pictures I send her to self destruct after ten seconds.

We'll see how much Speigel likes getting his parents in on the fun when he accidentally sends a dick pic to his great aunt.  

Source: CNN


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