Science Says Snapchat Makes You Happier Than Instagram and Facebook

We already knew that Snapchat was the best social media app (sorry Four Square), but now science has confirmed it. University of Michigan took time off from pre-gaming tailgates to test students’ happiness after social media interactions. Basically, what were the ~feels after sending/receiving a Snapchat, getting a like on Insta, or seeing somebody’s engagement post on Facebook.

They concluded that after using Snapchat people “felt more positive emotions than when they had Facebook interactions, and paid the most attention to Snapchat messages.” But, people “felt less supportive” by using Snapchat compared to other forms of communication – whatever, go cry about it on Tumblr.

There is nothing better than screenshotting your besties’ ugly eating selfie, seeing some SAB replay a Snap you look amazing in, or the number of views your Story gets. So stop going to therapy and start using Snapchat more often – fuck, put it on your iPhone’s bottom bar. But for the love of God, don’t post a 400 second Story from a concert.


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