Snapchat Is Trying To Be Venmo

Yesterday Snapchat announced—via a ridiculous show tune Snap we were forced to open—that users are now able to transfer cash to their friends using Snapcash. This isn’t hard to believe seeing how its CEO is douchey frat boy Evan Spiegel. TBT to earlier in the year in which emails to his fraternity brothers about how the point of their lazer tag trip was to “shoot lazers at fat girls” were leaked. Nice, Evan.

We imagine he was laying in his racecar bed at his daddy’s house, brainstorming how he could get more girls to send him 8 second pictures of their “tiddies” and voila: Snapcash. Everyone know betches love Venmo anyways, because what fun is it to transfer money if you can’t caption it with a clever innuendo for the drugs you’re splitting? If your Venmo feed isn’t a list of puns and emojis that not so subtly refer to drugs and alcohol, get new friends.


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