Snapchat Is Besties With The Police

SnapChat released their first ever “Transparency Report” about third party access to your SnapChats, because apparently it's pretty easy to find those selfies of your triple chin. For people who hack into Snapchat and either publish or sell photos, Snapchat sends them a warning and then shuts down their account. I'm still not entirely sure that's a full-proof security system, but it's better than nothing. Tbh I'd rather have my identity stolen than have my all of my snaps posted online.

More importantly though, the police can request any user's SnapChats if they believe the pics document illegal activity. Aka “see a chug, send a chug” and blowing smoke from a joint into the camera videos could be used by the police to convict you of underage drinking and illegal drug use. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. From November of 2014 to February of 2015, the police used photos from 375 SnapChat users to prosecute people. Think about the number of crimes you could be arrested for based on your story from Saturday night (if it's not more than 2, then you're wasting your life).

So basically, don't send a Snapchat video of you doing shots or lines of coke anymore. First SnapChat takes away the best friends feature and now they're snitching on us – this is bullshit.




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