Snail Mucus Is The Essence Of Beauty, Apparently

In this day and age, there’s no shortage of crazy gross shit that will supposedly make you prettier and younger looking. There’s leech therapy, vagina facials—hell, people eat their own placenta for Christ’s sake. And now, just in case you needed some other nasty treatment, snail mucus works wonders on your skin. Um, ew?


Can we start with the name? I literally want to jump off the Empire State Building every time say it. It might be worse than the other m-word that is fucking disgusting (moist) and I do NOT say that lightly. Apparently, it’s filled with shit that makes your skin #flawless like calcium, protein, and lipids to help with collagen production and other science-y doctor terms.

Luckily, you don’t have to go snail hunting or anything to get ahold of this miracle ingredient. It’s pretty popular in skincare products in Korea, but if you’re not heading to Seoul anytime soon, they also have a special snail facial in NYC. (It’s called the EscarGLOW facial; somebody kill me.) Sounds weird. But hey, I’ll try anything twice, especially if it will make me hotter than I already am.

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