Skinny Jeans Can Cause Nerve Damage: Worth It TBH

After a case study published this week in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry doctors are now cautioning betches everywhere about wearing skinny jeans. The study reports on a 35 year old woman from Australia, whose pants were so skinny that they damaged her nerve endings, caused her ankles to swell, and then for her legs to give out while trying to walk home. While she didn't expect all the attention, it came at a perfect time, considering her thigh gap literally looked amaze.

Upon being rushed to the hospital, she explained that she had been helping a family member move while in the skinny jeans, which had led to hours of squatting. She recalled that the jeans felt increasingly tight and painful throughout the day, which is weird because when has this happened to anyone ever? I personally wear Ziploc space bags as pants, and I always notice they are most airtight in the morning when I first put them on.

When the woman got to the hospital, they had to cut off her jeans to remove them, which is when they found the damage to her legs. She suffered from what's called compartment syndrome, a dangerous swelling of the muscles and nerves treated with amputation in the most severe cases. Luckily, the woman was put on bed rest and able to walk out of the hospital four days later. There will be a memorial service for the jeans however, later this week.


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