Sisters Take Selfies With Every Single 2016 Presidential Candidate

Two betches from New Hampshire have taken their selfie game to the next level and are taking selfies with every presidential candidate – aka everybody and their mother. The girls – Addy and Emma – have gotten pics with 15 candidates so far including Donald Trump, who hates on Mexico and clearly hasn't been to Cabo, Lindsay Graham who is more closeted than Clay Aiken on the second season of American Idol, and Bobby “Tanned. Rested. Ready” Jindall.



Their official advice for the candidate selfies is “find a gap in the crowd, make eye contact, smile, and always make sure you ask for permission.” Unfortunately, they clearly have not been in the selfie game for long, because they haven't learned that the most flattering angle is from above.




Anyway, thanks Emma and Addy for pursuing this important, political work. Not all heroes wear capes.








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