Siri Will Correct You If You Refer To Caitlyn Jenner As Bruce

Looks like everyone from Obama to Siri has officially embraced the Caitlyn Jenner transition. And if you haven’t, then our betch Siri’s about to put you in your place.

Thanks to some rando Tumblr user, the world recently discovered that if you ask Siri any questions using the name, Bruce Jenner, she’ll respond using the name Caitlyn Jenner, exclusively. Having tested this myself, I can confirm that whether it be a question about Jenner’s height or previous marriages, Siri faithfully responds with references to Caitlyn, only.

Basically, Apple is showing everyone that they’re super new-age and PC, which is pretty chill, I guess. But mainly, Siri is just embodying one of our fav sayings: “once a betch, always a betch.” Btw, shout out to Tim Cook for being the total bro to Siri’s betch.


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