12 Signs You’re Dating Your Phone

It’s no secret betches are in a love affair with their phones because when it comes down to it there’s no one else we’d rather share any experience. Like when something good or bad happens, who's the first person you tell? Your phone, duh. But some relationships are stronger than others, so here’s how to tell if you and your phone are truly in love or if your relationship is only as strong as the next pretty young iOS update that comes flashing its hot bod in your face. 

1. He's the first thing you look at in the morning

“Hey you” 


2. You tell him your deepest darkest secrets despite whether he gives a shit

“I'm such a heffer, I literally ate 4 gigantic cupcakes at work today”


3. You get really aggressive and possessive when someone is talking, touching, or looking at him for too long



4. You wouldn't dream of leaving him at a club but would be totally cool leaving your friends


5. You're not afraid to get naked in front of him 

“Yes, I've been working out” 


6. When you’re constantly consumed with him, people actively judge you.


7. If you’re not happy with what he looks like, you’ll change the way he dresses


8. You share like, all of your meals together


9. If he gets hurt, you don't know what to do with yourself



10. You buy gloves so you two can hold each other when it's cold


11. You can't even go to the bathroom without knowing what he's up to


12. If someone stole him from you, you can't sleep at night, tortured with thoughts of where he is and who he's with


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