The Betches’ Guide To The Side Hustle

There are like a million articles online right now about how us millennials are bucking trends in the workplace. Whether it be smushing our work and and social lives together like drunk co-eds summering in Seaside Heights or working like, a million jobs to stave off poverty and the embarrassing return to Mom and Dad’s basement, this fucked-up economy has made it a necessity for the youths to change their game when it comes to making a living.

Hence, the rise of the side hustle, i.e. that way of pulling in some cash that isn’t your main grind.

They’re becoming increasingly popular with millennials and will probably continue to do so. Why? Because the dreamers out there think their passion is what should turn the profit in life. Obvi, that isn’t always the case, and you’ve gotta pay the bills.

Like a drunk sorority girl showing off for a chanting group of D-bags, a side hustle can go both ways. You can use your side hustle as a way to stretch your creative legs while also not going super poor. Or, if you’re lucky enough to actually have a job you’re passionate about, the side hustle can just be good to make some extra cash.

Examples: this super annoying bitch you went to college with got some job in PR, but she has a laughable “passion for fashion”. This inspires her to create a mildly successful fashion blog. Sure, she gets some cash from ad clicks and some free clothes, but she can’t make it her bread and butter. Thus, the blog is her side hustle.

Or you have a job doing something you actually really like, maybe you’re a journalist or something that just makes you inherently kind of poor, you might have to open an Etsy store or some crap to sell whatever artisanal crafts are popular and that becomes your side hustle.

Nevertheless, if you’re rolling in cash and also being creatively fulfilled, side hustles are probably not for you. Also, fuck off.

If you’re like the rest of us, plugging along, mostly pretending to adult through post-grad life, pony up and get yourself a side hustle.

If you’re passionate about writing, try freelancing. If you’re passionate about clothes, start a Polyvore or EBay store with some great photos of yourself to gain a blog following and also earn some cash.

Heads up, joining in a pyramid scheme or peddling fucking Saran wrap as a weight loss technique are not acceptable side hustles for betches. If you have to bug the shit out of your friends and coworkers to make extra money, just don’t. It’s pathetic, and soon everyone will hate you. 


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