Shows You Should Be Watching: Funny Girls

If you're watching TV, go consult your channel guide right now and find out which channel Oxygen is, because you'll need it for when their new show Funny Girls premieres this Tuesday at 9/8c. Funny Girls is apparently not the TV adaptation of my autobiography (which is still available if any major networks wanna jump on it btw); it actually follows the lives of six female comics (as in, standup comedians) trying to make it big in LA. They’re really diverse (different races, various ages, not all Jewish, etc.), so there’s something for every betch’s sense of humor.

If you like Louie, Broad City, or Seinfeld, then you need to be watching Funny Girls. Just like those hilarious shows I just mentioned, Funny Girls shows moments from the comedians’ actual lives, punctuated by parts from their standup routines, so you don’t have to scour the internet to watch their routines. And since this is reality TV you can count on there not being any corny scripted jokes or laugh tracks (because betches laugh when they want to laugh, not when someone tells them to). Not like this is going to be a problem anyway because the show is actually hilarious. But don’t forget we’re still talking about a group of women spending a lot of time together, so you know it’s not going to be all sunshine and rainbows. I don't want to spoil anything so all I can say is, get the 94% fat free popcorn ready and go call Yung Joc because it's going down.

Betches will love Funny Girls because even though the comedians on the show are pretty accomplished (like for instance, Calise Hawkins has casually been on Jimmy Fallon, Stephanie opened for Whitney Cummings, and Yamaneika killed it on Last Comic Standing), they still act like hot messes at times. So watching Funny Girls won’t make you feel bad about the fact that you have 5 unpaid internships because they don’t have it all figured out, either–like for instance, they use Tinder and go on first dates for the free sh*t (stars, they’re just like us!).

Tbh the only bad thing about Funny Girls is that we have to wait until April 7th to finally watch. But I can guarantee that once it airs you’ll have a reason to look forward to Tuesday nights, other than the opportunity to make played-out Makonnen references.



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