Should You Be Concerned About The Snappening?

By now you may or may not heard of The Snappening – a less then clever name selected for the hacked snapchat photos ‘scandal’. Or is this also a ‘sex crime’, fuck it I can’t keep up. You also may or may not care because the worst thing most of us have ever snapchatted is a really bad selfie. This Hacker is apparently just like the last one because he only seems interested in leaking nude photos, so rest assured your ugly seflies are probs safe. Heaven forbid the drunk crying face I snapchatted to my bestie last week has to be witnessed by anyone else. Ever. Hackers these days must just be like really awful with the ladies because they are totes getting more and more desperate to see nude photos.

If you have snapped nudes though, should you be worried? Not unless you saved them on a third party website – specifically the now non-functional ‘’. The SnapChat company released an official statement essentially blaming its users for being dumbasses and using non-official third party apps/sites to store their photos. All that we can really say for sure is that someone is about to get sued.



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