Should I Transfer Schools to Be with My Boyfriend? Dear Betch…

Dear Betches,

I've been with my amazing boyfriend for two years and I cannot stand being so far away from him. Am I crazy for thinking about transfering schools just to be closer to him?! You are probably wondering why my boyfriend isn't the one considering transferring. Well he is at a much more prestigious school than I am at and I would never want him to give that up. I'm worried about the reaction of my friends and family, and most of all, my boyfriends family, when I tell them about my big move.. What should I do and how should I ask/tell everyone about my decision?!


Possibly Moving Betch

Dear Possibly Moving Betch,

What, besides your current state of being passionately and nauseatingly in love right now makes you think that transferring schools to be with your boyfriend is a good idea? Have you not seen any movies about girls who move around their lives for a guy and how horribly that turns out? Up in the Air? Going the Distance? This is a bad, bad idea. You don't want to be the girl that revolves their work, school, or social life around a guy. Why? Becasue that's the same girl who five years from now finds herself with no friends, in a random town surrounded by people she only knows and is friends with through her boyfriend and who has no life of her own. 

If your relationship with your boyfriend is strong enough, it can survive a couple of years of separation. You're probably under the age of twenty and in all likelihood you're not going to marry this guy. Don't waste all the memories of your youth and college being his sidekick girlfriend that transferred schools in order to cling on to him. If you miss him that much, visit him. Have him visit you. There's only like 8 months in an actual college school year. No guy wants to be a with a floser who can't have fun on her own and do her own thing without him. At nineteen guy should just be a fun addition to your life, not the main fucking attraction. If you like this guy, don't be his bitch. It's called having your own life. Guys dig it. 


The Betches


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