Shopbop Has All The Winter Staples You Wanted On Sale For Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Remember when Black Friday was just a day for crazy people to stampede into Walmart for a giant television and Cyber Monday was like, a sale on Amazon? For better or worse, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have now morphed into an out-of-control, never-ending sale that every single store you’ve ever heard of participates in. It’s basically the shopping version of that friend’s birthday that last two weeks and requires you to spend hundreds of dollars on shit you don’t actually need. Anyway, as overwhelming as it can be, there are actually some dope sales happening, like the one at Shopbop. It’s called the “Buy More Save More” sale, which is definitely a personal attack on your checking account but a blessing for your wardrobe. Here’s how it works, and some of the things you should definitely throw in your cart. (P.S., this sale does include the Shopbop’s Designer Boutique, but there are some exclusions. To keep things easy, just look for the “More 17” label underneath each product.

1. Versace Medusa Aviator Shield Sunglasses

Designer shades are frequently excluded from sales, but Shopbop totally hooked it up this time. Now you can actually have the Medusa head on you like you’re Illuminati, but like, at a discount.

Versace Medusa Shades

2. Kate Spade New York Watson Lane Hartley Backpack

Designer backpacks are totally something that you always consider buying, but then decide not to. Like, even if you could really use it, you’re financially irresponsible and would rather buy another outfit to go clubbing in (even though you never really go clubbing). This Kate Spade backpack is velour, like everything else you’re obsessed with this season, so it’s perfect.

Kate Spade Velour Backpack

3. Stuart Weitzman Lowland Over The Knee Boots

Those Stuart Weitzman boots you’ve always wanted, but keep buying the Steve Madden rip-offs of instead, are on sale. Just saying.

Stuart Weitzman Lowland Over The Knee Boots

4. Versus Puffer Coat

In case you haven’t noticed, puffer coats are so hot right now this season. Unfortunately, the Canada Goose coat that you’ve had bookmarked since last winter is excluded from the sale, but there’s tons of other designer styles that are marked down.

5. J Brand High Rise Alana Crop Jeans

You probably have a million pairs of faded black jeans you’re still holding on to. ‘Tis the season to get rid of them all and invest in a really good pair. (If this advice also coincidentally applies to your dating life, then do that, too.)

J Brand High Rise Alana Crop Jeans

Hannah Chambers
Hannah Chambers
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