Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For People Who Are Impossible To Shop For

Finding Valentine’s Day gifts that aren’t insanely tacky is almost as difficult as finding someone who doesn’t seem like a potential serial killer on a dating app. Your options are basically that stupid Pandora princess ring or a box of Lindt chocolates. Ew. It’s even worse if you’re looking for a V-Day gift for yourself; browsing the CVS seasonal aisle alone is pretty effing depressing. Luckily, Shop Betches has a Valentine’s Day collection, so you don’t have to be overly mushy or borderline pathetic. You’re welcome.

Bleeding Heart Phone Case

If your Valentine’s Day plans consist of posting thirst trap mirror pics to your Snapchat story in the hope that someone else who’s super single will see it and hit you with that “u up?” text, you might as well throw a dope phone case into the frame. Not included: a bottle of Windex. Nobody wants to see those little dots that accumulate from you popping zits like a fucking animal, so please wipe it down.

It’s Not My Fault You’re In Love With Me Card

This card is definitely dual purpose. You can either give it to bae with a cheesy love note on the inside, or you can use it as like, an extremely culturally relevant way to break up with someone. Just write “I WANT MY PINK SHIRT BACK” on the inside, and hope they get the message.

Love Is In The Air Mug

Maybe your idea of the perfect V-Day is spending the night totally by yourself and watching JonBenet Ramsey conspiracy videos on YouTube. If that’s the case, fill this mug up with black coffee and Baileys and avoid the love that’s in the air like the flu. Katy Perry JonBenet would probably approve.

Set The F*cking Mood Signature Candle

Whether you’re bringing home a Hinge match or your boyfriend of what feels like 100 years, set the mood with this vanilla scented candle. It’s like, way more romantic than the glow from your laptop while the Netflix “are you still watching?” screen waits for an answer.

Mine, Also Mine Pillow Case Set

It’s 2018, which means that manspreading is 100% cancelled. Remind the love of your life of your status as a strong, independent betch with this pillow case set that sets some very obvious boundaries. Then, steal the entire duvet in the middle of the night.

Shop the entire Shop Betches Valentine’s Day Collection.

Hannah Chambers
Hannah Chambers
Hannah Chambers is one of those people whose entire personality consists of Real Housewives references, taking pictures of her dog, and drinking out of an obnoxiously large water bottle. You can find her work in Cosmopolitan, Bustle,, and more. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @hanchambers