Ship Got A Glow Up So You Can Date From Home

If your dating life hasn’t gotten off to a stellar start in 2020, you’re not alone. We’re living in strange time where you’re the hero if you stay in and watch Netflix on your couch and the law literally mandates that you can’t leave your apartment…like unless it’s to a grocery store or a pharmacy. Which is why we’ve updated our dating app Ship to help with the transition to this new virtually run world and providing you with everything you need to successfully social distance and date from home (DFH).

Ship has a fresh look, but that’s not all—–the app has a new centralized activity feed, so you can keep tabs on all your friends’ dating activity, since you can’t hang IRL. And now you can create multiple crew chats – because we know you’re talking to your college friends, your roommates, and your work friends about your dating life, but you’re not giving them all the same tea. It’s all fun and games to have Carol from accounting find you some matches—we all need fun and games in the time of COVID—but she doesn’t need to hear about all your past hookups.

We’ll also be rolling out a feature in app to ask users to pledge to DFH – so when you’re finding matches, you’ll know who’s responsibly social distancing and who’s not. Oh, and we’re providing virtual backgrounds for your at-home dates, so you’ll feel more like you’re on Bachelor In Paradise than stuck in a pod from Love Is Blind. Check out all the backgrounds at

Since we launched Ship a year ago, users have been matched by their friends over one million times, and thousands of those matches have led to real relationships. Basically, Ship is allowing people to make their friends useful in the dating process, and it couldn’t have come soon enough. course, you can use Ship solo if you’re feeling more antisocial, but each friend you invite increases the matches you get by 135%. And while you might not be going on IRL dates right now, there’s never been a better time to get matching. Since we’ve all been stuck inside, group chats on Ship have doubled. Brunch with the crew will have to wait, but you can still ship with your friends—and maybe even find someone for yourself.

Download Ship today, set up your profile either as a dater or a matchmaker, start matching right away, and finding the perfect person to date…virtually for now.  Who knows, you might catch yourself actually enjoying a dating app for once.