Sheryl Sandberg Is Trying To Ban The Word Bossy

Sheryl Sandberg is seriously attempting to ban the word 'bossy' as an adjective to describe girls. She says that it has negative connotations for women because it's acceptable for men to be bosses, but women are considered “bossy.” I mean, she's not wrong about that, but if it were so easy to get a word banned I can maybe think of a few slurs that would take priority.

Apparently this all stems back to an instance she quotes from her childhood: “When I was in junior high and running for class vice presidentone of my teachers pulled my best friend aside to warn her not to follow my example: ‘Nobody likes a bossy girl,’ the teacher warned.” Yeah that is like pretty fucked up that your teacher would talk shit about you to your friend because you were trying to be a student leader. But still, you can't ban words, Sheryl. Lean out! Sure, I guess you could technically ban it on Facebook, but that would be very…how do I say this…BOSSY of you. 

Source: TIME


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