This New App Is The Easy, Intimidation-Free Way To Network

Using LinkedIn to find jobs is about as useful as trying to lose weight by shopping for swimsuits; or trying to get better at singing by watching Beyoncé. Which means to land your dream job, you can’t just sling resumes, you really need to network. But DMs on LinkedIn are creepy AF—yes old men, we have received your messages and we know what you’re doing—and dating apps aren’t exactly an A+ option for networking… we’d give it a D, to be precise. But then there is Shapr, an app that lets you network in a more casual setting. It’s like a dating app meets LinkedIn without the weirdness of either.

I shouldn’t have to tell you how Shapr works because you can probably guess. But I will anyway because I’m such a good friend. You start by making a basic profile, that is, you start from scratch or you log in with your Linkedin, and then you select topics you’re interested in. If you’re in sales but you want to move into entertainment marketing, you can select #marketing and #film—stuff like that.

Every day you will see 10-20 people in your area who match your interest. When you swipe right, it means you’re down to meet up with the person (duh), and if they swipe right on you, you can message each other directly.


I made a profile to test it out because I love talking about myself. And boom, other profiles started rolling in. I widened my interests to tech and finance because I’m trying to own a Tesla. The thing about Shapr is, it blends social networking and work, which is how good networking should be. The reason stuffy networking events suck is because everybody’s trying to be a poster version of themselves. There’s a reason you’re more likely to recommend a friend who’s been hungover in the toilet stall next to you for a job than some girl named Melanie F. you talked to for 5 minutes once in a hotel ballroom.


 It’s strictly professional, and creeps are not allowed (seriously, report them, because Shapr is good at keeping it professional). Thank god. Forget being friends with Kevin from accounting just because he’s the only person under 35 at your office. With Shapr, you can grab a coffee, get lunch, or grab drinks with other like-minded professionals who work near you who you actually want to talk to. The best part about Shapr is that if you meet someone who you don’t vibe with, there’s no need for a follow-up. Consider it an educational experience instead of a failed first date or interview. You’re now one step closer to being the #BossBitchCEO you were meant to be.

So get started, download Shapr, and swipe right on your future!

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