Shailene Woodley Is Homeless

Shailene Woodley went on Jimmy Kimmel and basically told him that she's homeless. She says she had a house in LA but she gave it to her grandma or some shit, which makes no sense (and kind of indicates that Grandma is kind of a bitch, no?). Anyway, while most of the time some weirdo celeb going on live TV to say that she only has a cell phone because her PR team gave it to her (and had to tape the phone number to the back so she could remember it) would signal my 'fucking weirdo' flag, the fact that everything Shailene does shows that she gives 0 fucks about even trying to be cool is pretty admirable in itself.

She also says that she couch surfs when she's home and only owns a few items that she can bring with her in a carry-on bag. Kinda hard to keep that dress you're wearing wrinkle free when it's stuffed into your JanSport backpack, isn't it Shailene? 


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