Sexts and Subtext with Head Pro

Introducing our new column, Sexts and Sub-text. If you like Ask a Pro, you’ll really love this shit.

sexts and sub-text

When you’re texting with guys (or your frenemies), do you ever rack your brain over the difference between “hey” and “what’s up”? Is he trying to play it cool, or is he just not that into me? Does using emoticons make him gay (hint: yes)? Head Pro is here to help.


Take a screenshot of your text convo and send it with your burning questions to . He’ll interpret the s(ext) conversation, tell you what he thinks is REALLY going on, and out you for probably sounding desperate and clingy.

Please include whether or not you’d like us to edit out the participant names in the chat, a little context, and get ready for some sextual healing.

PS. If your phone’s too fucking old to take screenshots, you need more help than we can provide.


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