Seth Cohen’s House Is For Sale

The Cohen's house from The OC is for sale, so call you dad right now to put in an offer. If we learned anything from Kirsten and her dad, real estate is a great investment. Plot Twist: The house is in Malibu, not Orange County, which low key ruins the whole vibe.

If you didn't watch The OC, then you probably missed out on the greatest pop culture references of the past decade – Chrismukkuh, Imogen Heap's “Hide and Seek,” Mischa Barton etc. The show was about Ryan “I'm whoever you want me to be” being adopted by the Cohen's, the best half-Jewish family in Orange County. Sandy Cohen and his eyebrows were enough to fill the place of our absentee fathers, Kirsten was the OG Real Housewife of Orange County – sorry Gretchen, and Seth aka Adam Brody set unrealistic expectations for men everywhere (think a less douchebag, smarter, Jewish version of Stephen from Laguna Beach).

Anyway, the Cohens lived in a gorgeous mansion on the coast, and the house is for sale for $6.25 million nbd. You could eat bagels in the marble kitchen, talk shit about boys by the infinity pool, hook up with the hot neighbor in the pool house, and watch movies with your besties in the living room. More important, at your house warming party you could great your guests with “Welcome to the OC, bitch.”


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