Serena Williams: Betchy Athlete of the Week

If you had a childhood in America, you probably knew about the Williams sisters when you were like seven years old. You knew that they were two cute black girls with beads in their hair, and apparently they were really good at tennis. What you might not have known is that they're both still around, and they're both still really fucking good at tennis. Serena, specifically, is # 1 in the world, and has been for 109 consecutive weeks. Anyone who spends that much time proving that they're better than everyone else is obviously pretty betchy.

This week, Vogue unveiled their April 2015 cover featuring none other than Queen Serena. It's the second time she's been on the cover, but last time she had to share it with Ryan Lochte (yum) and some soccer player. Betchy Serena has now claimed the cover for herself, and she looks pretty flawless doing it. Not that many athletes (or people in general) have covered Vogue more than once, so major props to Serena.

If she didn't seem betchy enough, Serena won her sixth Australian Open (a really fucking big tournament) this January wearing a super-short backless dress. She said the back was a symbol of strength, and that she would be showing it all year long on court. Read: “my back is super hot and I'm going to show it off for as long as I possibly can.”

Next week Serena will try to defend her title in Miami, a tournament she's won seven times (a record, naturally). That seems like a lot of commitment, but hey, what betch doesn't like a nice long trip to Miami?


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