Get Sloshed With Our “Selling Sunset” Season 6 Drinking Game

Grab your chair purse and your girlboss complex because Selling Sunset is back on the market! 

The lightly anticipated sixth season hits Netflix on May 19th, featuring two new faces at the infamous Oppenheim Group–Nicole Young, a veteran agent at the brokerage, and Bre Tiesi, a model, real estate agent, and the mother of one of Nick Cannon’s 211 children.  

Last season concluded with some major life updates for the cast: Chrishell broke up with her boyfriend/boss Jason when he couldn’t commit to starting a family with her (as of last week, she’s married to Australian DJ G Flip, and he’s dating a model 20 years his junior, go figure); Hurricane Christine spun out of the brokerage after getting caught sabotaging Emma; and Maya, the only clinically sane person in the entire office, threw up some deuces and left these clowns in LA to go work in Miami full time. 

The season 6 trailer promises more trivial feuds, clumsy backstabbing, and one whopping Christine-shaped hole. (The cast has some tall shoes to fill if they hope to recreate even a fraction of the volcanic drama that erupted from Christine’s pinky toe alone.)

To shepherd you through this next riveting chapter with the O Group, we’ve created a drinking game that ensures you stay both hydrated and appropriately sloshed from electrolysis to escrow. 

Selling Sunset. Mary Fitzgerald in season 6 of Selling Sunset. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Chug a glass of alkaline water when: 

  • A hyperpop stock music song plays that contains the phrase “boss bitch” or “get that money” 
  • Chrishell makes that uncomfortable grimace face 
  • Brett or Jason dial a comically fake important business call 
  • “Cash offer, no contingencies” 
  • You forget that Amanza is part of the cast 

Selling Sunset. (L to R) Emma Hernan, Mary Fitzgerald, Amanza Smith in season 6 of Selling Sunset. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Have a sip of Whispering Angel when: 

  • The ladies meet for lunch, order something caloric and relatable like cupcakes or fries, and leave it 98% untouched  
  • An agent struggles to open a sliding door 
  • Jason calls Mary some variation of “babe” or “baby,” despite them both being in committed relationships 
  • A passive aggressive fight breaks out over the office seating chart 
  • A guy who’s probably just an analyst at Salesforce is disguised as a tech billionaire who’s “interested” in a $30M home for the sake of the plot 


Take a shot of whatever shit you have left in your liquor cabinet when: 

  • Romain whines about Mary being wealthy and successful 
  • Chelsea claims to be “not about the drama” while instigating drama at every turn 
  • Davina has a painfully awkward client interaction that fully merits her termination 
  • Chrishell rings the closing bell as obnoxiously as humanly possible 
  • You look out the window, realize 7 hours have passed, and contend with the fact that you have to go to work tomorrow where you don’t get to wear a fuchsia sequin jumpsuit, won’t earn a $123,584 commission, and the only person you have to spar with is Leonard from accounting over the outsized Applebee’s charge on your latest expense report

All photos courtesy of Netflix. 

Emma Sharpe
Emma Sharpe
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