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The 'Selling OC' Season 3 Cast Requires Our Attention

I sincerely hope you’re preparing yourself for another highly emotional trip to Orange County (via Netflix). Season 3 of Selling the OC premieres on May 3, and the trailer that just dropped is already stressing me out in a major way. But holy shit… I’m so excited. It’s safe to say that the Oppenheim Group’s Orange County agents get into plenty of real estate-related and friendship and romantic drama this season — as we all pretty much anticipated. Personally, I’m still reeling from Tyler confessing his feelings to Hall in the jacuzzi and need to know WTF is going on there.

It’s only fair that we put our responsibilities to the side for a few business days and process all the new information in this juicy preview. I mean, we have failing businesses, unfortunate new relationships, rough O Group performances, and season 2 cliffhangers to discuss. Walk with me as I analyze the season 3 stars and their current vibes and scandals.

Selling OC Season 3 Cast

Ali Harper

Ali Harper 'Selling the OC'
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Ali, an agent who joined the show last season, is not doing so hot at the the O Group it seems. But she had literally no previous experience, so are we surprised? In the trailer, the 31-year-old can’t answer clients’ questions about a listing, which is… not a great quality in a real estate agent. Apparently, she couldn’t be trusted with some “huge opportunity.” I’m shocked. Find her on Insta at @alexandra_harper.

Sean Palmieri

Sean Palmieri 'Selilng the OC'
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Uh, so Sean (@sean.palmieri on Instagram) announced that he was leaving the O Group last year, but he’s still finding himself in some major conflicts. Per the trailer, he’s “in trouble,” and “his business is suffering.” He’s also called a “snake,” and there’s talk of rumors that he’s been starting. Tea!!

Tyler Stanaland

Tyler Stanaland 'Selling the OC'
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Stan might be in Tyler’s name, but I far from stan the 34-year-old, who is the ex-husband of my queen, Brittany Snow. Although he confessed love for Alex last season, they’re having some issues now. “When we’re trying to force it, neither one of us are on the same page,” he says to her in the trailer. Tyler also reflects on being 34 and wanting a kids and a wife. You can follow Tyler on Insta at @tylerstanaland.

Alex Hall

Alex Hall 'Selling the OC'
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The agent is very clearly frustrated with Tyler in the preview. She accuses him of “swooning” her and then “fucking disappearing.” Oh boy. Alex even declares, “I’m out. I’m done,” in a confessional. I would also be very done with Tyler. Keep up with Alex at @alexhalloc.

Alexandra Jarvis

Alexandra Jarvis 'Selling the OC'
Image Credit: Netflix

For the record, there are way too many Alex and Alexandras on this show. But anyway, you can follow 34-year-old Alexandra on Insta at @thealexandrajarvis. If you’ve ever seen the show, you know that the realtor is a literal drama magnet, so we can only hope for more of that in season 3.

Alexandra Rose

Alexandra Rose 'Selling the OC'
Image Credit: Netflix

Yes… yet another Alexandra. The 28-year-old, who you can find at @alexandrarose, has a habit of arguing with Alexandra Jarvis. In fact, they had a pretty massive fallout last season after Jarvis completely turned on Rose. Let’s just say, I don’t think these ladies will be making amends any time soon.

Polly Brindle

Polly Brindle 'Selling the OC'
Image Credit: Netflix

Polly, 38, is a toxic Selling OC queen. She enjoyed spreading some good ol’ fashioned gossip about Alexandra Jarvis last season for no reason. Also, we can’t exactly forget her messy office couch makeout sesh with Tyler. Find Polly at @pollybrindle.

Brett And Jason Oppenheim

Brett and Jason Oppenheim 'Selling the OC'
Image Credit: Netflix

Ah, the twins we can thank for our Selling Sunset passion. Brett and Jason, who are 46, run The Oppenheim Group with… style. Considering their family members have been in real estate for five generations, they’re platinum nepo babies. Keep up with them at @brettoppenheim and @jasonoppenheim.

Gio Helou

Gio Helou 'Selling the OC'
Image Credit: Netflix

This upcoming season, 36-year-old Gio (@giovannehelou on Insta) is real pissed with Alexandra Harper’s lack of real estate competence. In the trailer, he complains to Jason about the issue. If there’s one thing about Gil, he knows how to throw a dramatic 100 million dollar sales party.

Lauren Brito

Lauren Brito 'Selling the OC'
Image Credit: Netflix

Lauren, @thelaurenshortt on Instagram, is good girl vibes, TBH. She recently celebrated 12 years of sobriety and thanked the people who’ve supported her journey.

Kayla Cardona

Kayla Cardona 'Selling the OC'
Image Credit: Netflix

The 35-year-old celeb realtor definitely made things *interesting* in season 2 when she majorly called out Polly at Gio’s party. She was, like, very obsessed with the Tyler/Polly makeout. Follow her at @mskaylacardona.

Brandi Marshall

Brandi Marshall 'Selling the OC'
Image Credit: Netflix

Brandi, 37, was not cool with the Tyler/Alex situation right after Tyler’s divorce. There were words… that escalated to an almost-slap in in Cabo. Definitely curious to see where that dynamic goes. She’s on Insta at @shesbrandimarshall.

Austin Victoria

Austin Victoria 'Selling the OC'
Image Credit: Netflix

Austin somehow manages to stay out of the worst drama, but also remain an important character. Until season 3 airs, keep up with the 33-year-old at @austin_victoria.

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