So About These Selfies at Funerals…

Have you ever been like, Wow I look so fucking hot today but too bad I’m going to bury my grandpa otherwise I would totally take a selfie right now? Yes? Well that sucks because you’re the only one. Now that selfie is offish a real word, you’re totally allowed to take a selfie anywhere, ESPECIALLY at funerals. The law of selfie states that the more immediate the dead family member the more sincere you appear to all your instagram followers. Plus five for smiling. Plus 10 for a thumbs up.

So we just want to say a quick thanks bitch to the creator of the tumblr Selfies at Funerals. You’ve showed us that there are people out there who shed all fears of looking narcissistic and are displaying their creative and sensitive sides. They’re killin' it. (Killin' the selfie game, not their dead aunt. RIP LOLZ)

It's like, I used frizz ease today I can't not take a pic you know? 




: )


Omg you guys are so awkward! #TIA


He forgot #BOOBS 


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