Betch Takes a Selfie During Man’s Suicide Attempt off Brooklyn Bridge

One betch's dedication to taking a selfie of herself by the Brooklyn Bridge has landed her on the cover the New York Post in what must be an otherwise riveting news day. The unnamed woman reportedly took a selfie while in the background the cops were simultaneously trying to talk down a man from jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge.

This leads us to ask, who's the bigger attention whore? The woman who had to take a selfie despite the suicide attempt behind her (guys she was probably only in town for a few days and needed to squeeze in a mani-pedi like, ASAP) or the man who just had have everyone watch him try to kill himself in broad daylight by jumping off one of the most cliche bridges in New York City? FYI the man was rescued and all parties are doing well. I'm sure this bitch would get a shit ton more likes for her NY Post cover than whatever try-hard standard bridge selfie pic anyway. Mission accomplished? 


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