Selfie Arm Will Make You Look Less Like a Loser In Selfies

All betches struggle with the difficulty of maneuvering a good selfie, especially a group selfie, but no self-respecting betch would go so far as to actually purchase a selfie stick, in part because you can't use them at festivals, but mostly because they make you look like an idiot who has no friends. Well apparently some scholars have decided to combat the “no friends” issue of the selfie stick and created…the Selfie Arm. Basically it's a selfie stick, but instead of it just being a metal rod, the stick part is a fake arm with a hand at the end of it. Creepy.

So instead of taking just a regular selfie, the Selfie Arm makes it look like you're leading someone by the hand and he snapped a photo. Nevermind the fact that the hand has the same complexion of a corpse (or Pete Davidson), I'm sure it will totally fool all your family and friends. Couple it with that app that gives you a fake boyfriend, and I'm sure you'll convince everyone you're not single in no time.

If this news makes you want to bash your head into a wall, don't worry, the Selfie Arm is only in the prototype stage. So you won't be seeing any duck-faced tourists posing with a dismembered limb at the Eiffel Tower. For now.


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